OAAG, Tsirang conducts the Mid Term Review of its planned activities

The Office of the Assistant Auditor (OAAG), Tsirang conducted the 5th Mid Term Review meeting on 19th February 2016 in Sarpang, coinciding with the auspicious day of Dawa Dangpa Tsey Chunyi.

The main obejctive of the meeting was to ascertain progress made over the past six months in terms of audits conducted and audit reports issued by each team with reference to Annual Audit Schedules 2015-16.

The team wise achivements is as highlighted below:


Apart from the review of planned audits, the meeting also delved into other areas of common interest viz., Impending deficits on account of travel budget for the Financial Year 2015-16 and its likely affects on Annual Audit Schedule 2015-16; New Budget proposal submitted for the Financial Year 2016-17 by the Office; Inconsistencies noticed in draft Audit Reports of audit teams; Draft Annual Audit Schedule 2016-17 and way forward, and Need for proper procedures to conduct the Audit Exit Meeting in audited agencies

The meeting hosted by Audit Team IV was attended by all the field auditors and On the Job Trainees (OJT) from the Royal Institute of Management (RIM).

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