Team Leaders’ Conference

The Royal Audit Authority organized a day conference for all team leaders on 31st July 2017. The Conference, organized for the first time in the RAA is specifically for Team Leaders to provide a platform to discuss and deliberate on issues and challenges faced by the teams in the fields.

The conference aimed to creating common understanding amongst the Team Leaders and Members in performing their respective duties. Division Chiefs made presentations on various topics related to auditing including the common approaches that need to adopted by teams while carrying out audits of Central Schools, Dzongkhags, wastages, GC roads,  and East-West Highway.

The Team Leaders were made aware of the overall strategic goals of the RAA. The expected outputs from respective teams were also reiterated to instill responsibility in contributing to the overall achievement of the goals and objectives.

The Hon’ble Auditor General graced the Team Leader’s Conference which was attended by 39 Team Leaders from the RAA’s Head Office and Regional Offices.

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