RAA launches the Revised Operational Plan 2015-2020 and Annual Plan 2017-2018

The Hon’ble Auditor General launched the RAA’s Revised Operational Plan 2015-2020 and the Annual Plan 2017-2018 today. The RAA’s Operational Plan 2015-2020 was revised based on renewed targets and approaches towards realization of the strategic intents, which are reinforced through impact focused planning framework through its annual plans.

The Strategic Plan 2015-2020 incorporated performance measurement for the first time and found some targets as unrealistic due to absence of a baseline data. Therefore, the RAA reformulated some of the targets to improve its performance management with objective and realistic targets.

The Annual Plan 2017-2018 has prioritized four programme components with 69 activities. 1. Audit and Assurances Services; 2. Professional Staff Development; 3. Organizational systems development; and 4. Collaborations with stakeholders.

The Annual Audit Schedule 2017-2018 has planned to conduct 749 audits consisting of 603 Financial Audits, eight Performance Audits and 48 Compliance Audits, including two ISSAIs based compliance audits on the Prudential Rules & Regulations 2016 and the Government Property Management System.

The RAA has planned to outsource audits of 30 Civil Society Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Religious Organizations and 40 statutory audits of government financial institutions and corporations, in line with the RAA’s ‘Outsourcing of Audit Services Policy 2014’. The RAA will also issue one Auditor General’s Advisory Series on construction management of the public procuring agencies.

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