RAA cleans the Chubachu stream

The Royal Audit Authority conducted a cleaning campaign of the Chubachu stream area starting from the point near the Institute of Traditional Medicine Services complex and downwards till the Bhutan Telecom Limited office premise. 55 officials and staff collected trash and cleaned the stream from 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM on 17th November 2017. About a ton of garbage and wastes were collected, consisting of about 600 kg of non-degradable waste such as PET bottles, old shoes, etc. and about 400 kg of old clothes, papers and kitchen wastages, etc.

While the RAA provided gloves and refreshments, the participants brought the bags for collection of waste. The RAA aspires to make such cleaning campaigns a regular affair but so far have been able to do it only once a year as most officials are field-based, and away on audit assignments.

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