RAA Tables Two Performance Reports in the Parliament

The Royal Audit Authority tabled two Performance Audit Reports to the Parliament on 5th December, 2017. The reports were submitted to the Druk Gyalpo, the Prime Minister and the Parliament in accordance with Article 25 (5) of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan and Chapter 6, Section 72 of the Audit Act of Bhutan 2006.

The RAA had issued the Performance Audit Report on Provision of Drinking Water in Thimphu Municipality and the Performance Audit Report on OPD Services in JDWNRH in August 2017 to respective stakeholders. The reports were tabled during the morning session of Parliament, following which a Press Conference was also conducted in the afternoon at the RAA Conference Hall. Reporters from ten Media Houses and senior officials of the RAA attended the Press Conference.

The Press Release Statement and copies of the PA Reports are available on the RAA’s website.

Click here to view the Press Release Statement &  PA Reports

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