Lolay recitation to mark Nyilo

A group of 41 children from schools in Thimphu visited the Royal Audit Authority on 3rd January 2018 and recited Lolay to mark the Nyilo (Winter Solstice in the Bhutanese lunar calendar). The event was organised by the Tarayana and RENEW, and it was coordinated at the RAA premise by the AFD, RAA. The Offtg. Auditor General, Assistant Auditors General and Senior officials of the RAA attended the lolay recital.

Nyilo marks the return of longer days according to the lunar calendar and is traditionally observed as a new year, coinciding with the annual harvest in parts of Western Bhutan. Lolay is the recitation of a traditional song with wishes for a happy and bountiful new year. Children are believed to be harbingers of good fortune, and their lolay recitation have wishes specific to every storey of a traditional Bhutanese home from the ground to the top. The children go from house to house, singing lolay to usher in a prosperous new year, and are presented with gifts.

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