27th Meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit

The Hon’ble Auditor General of Bhutan, led a two-member delegation to attend the 27th Meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit and Seminar being held from 17th to 19th April 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

The meeting will cover wide variety of audit related topics and areas including but not limited to Update on website of the WGITA and revamped KSC – IDI Community Portal; WGITA-IDI Handbook on IT Audit; WGITA Work Plan 2020-22 in the context of next SDP 2020-22 of IFPP; Maintenance of IT Audit Database and Quarterly Webinars; Global Training Facility; and Reporting Dashboard.

The Seminar on “Embedding data assurance to drive audit efficiency and quality” will have presentations by member SAIs on Relevance and influence of the results of application of the automated system of the remote performance of external public audit on SAIs’ audit activity; Australian Government Procurement Contract Reporting – insights from publically available data; Use of data analytics in performance audit; Panel discussion focused on Developing an organisational data analytics strategy and policy; Building data analytics skills and capability; Challenges in the use of data analytics; and Using data analytics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our audits of financial reports among other topics.

The INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit (WGITA) was established in 1989 by INCOSAI. The inaugural meeting of the committee was held in October, 1992. The Comptroller & Auditor General of India is the Chairman of INTOSAI’s Working Group on IT Audit (WGITA) since its inception. WGITA supports SAls in developing their knowledge and skills in the use and audit of information technology. The WGITA has undertaken and completed several important projects like compilation of EDP Directory, compilation of SAI-Mandates, IT Infrastructure Management, Performance Auditing, developing IT Strategies in SAIs, Communication Security on Internet, IT Audit Courseware, advanced Training Modules, CAATs for Non-Financial Audit, Cyber Laws, auditing e-Government etc.

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