2nd Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data

The Deputy Auditor General for Department of Follow-up, Regions & Human Resource Management led a two-member delegation to the 2nd Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data (WGBD) being held on 19th & 20th April 2018 at Washington DC, USA. A total of 41 participants from 19 member countries are currently attending the meeting. As Chair of the Working Group, SAI China hosted the 1st Working Group meeting in April 2017 at Nanjing, China.

The Meeting will discuss how practices of analytics and big data in auditing are affecting the accountability community with respect to sustainable development goals and programs. The Working Group on Big Data is a specialized working group approved by INTOSAI under Strategic Goal Three: Knowledge Sharing and Services. Its objective is to identify the challenges and opportunities faced by SAIs in the era of big data; to summarize the knowledge and experience in the field of big data audit; and strengthen relevant bilateral and multilateral technical cooperation. The WGBD has 27 member countries and 3 observers.

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