Ambassador of Finland visits RAA

The Ambassador of Finland to Bhutan, His Excellency Harri Kamarainen accompanied by Ms. Emmi Mwanzagi, Regional Manager to Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal visited the Royal Audit Authority on 21st June 2018. The delegation was received by the Deputy Auditor General, Department of Sectoral Audit and other senior officials.

On behalf of the Hon’ble Auditor General, the Deputy Auditor General shared some of the remarkable steps that the National Audit Office of Finland (NAO) and Royal Audit Authority (RAA) have taken to establish institutional collaboration on the capacity development, particularly agreeing to provide experts by NAO Finland in delivery training on audit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to auditors from the RAA. Further, A brief introduction was made on RAA’s history, mandates, roles & responsibilities and the various audit works carried out by RAA.

His Excellency expressed that RAA is the only other SAI, besides SAI Kuwait, to have established formal institutional linkages with NAO Finland and congratulated RAA on this significant achievement. The delegation also showed keen interest to further strengthen the linkage between the two SAIs specifically with regard to best practices and knowledge sharing in auditing. His Excellency also mentioned that Finland has expertise in areas such as technology, renewable energy, gender equality and other successful innovations from which Bhutan could learn and take away good practices and ideas.

His Excellency also expressed that Finland and Bhutan shared similar approaches and interest not only in auditing but also in national goals, where the happiness of the citizens and their well-being were placed at the center of developmental activities, which he said, would enhance working closely with each other. The RAA presented the delegates with a small token of appreciation.


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