Training auditors in preparation for auditing the SDGs

The Royal Audit Authority is organising a training on “Sustainable Development Goals” as part of the collaboration initiatives between the National Audit Office of Finland and the Royal Audit Authority, coinciding with the RAA’s in-house training calendar for 2018-2019. Mr. Marko Männikkö, the Deputy Auditor General of NAO, Finland and two other Subject Matter Experts on SDGs are imparting the training.

The training will cover introduction to SDGs, global sustainable policy, governance of sustainable development, and SDGs indicators and share the NAO Finland’s experience of having conducted an audit of the SDGs among others.

The opening session was graced by Dasho Tshering Kezang, the Hon’ble Auditor General at the Financial Institutions Training Institute. 65 auditors are attending the three-day training which will conclude on 11 July 2018.

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