SAI Bhutan conduct Lesson learned meeting on ISSAI Implementation Programme

The Royal Audit Authority (RAA) conducted a Lesson Learned Meeting from 11 -13 September 2018 on implementation of International Standard of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs) and collectively reviewed the achievements in ISSAIs implementation and activities undertaken in tandem with the Statement of Commitment (SoC) signed in April 2016. It was conducted in partnership with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) based in Norway, which rendered professional support through onsite as well through on-line.

The Project and Mentor team gave an account of the achievements and informed that during the last two and half years, SAI Bhutan had not only carried out the activities outlined in SoC but had also carried out additional activities in pursuit of sustaining the momentum gained, thus far. Some of the additional activities carried were the following:

  • Trained over 143 auditors on ISSAIs based audits by Mentors and Pilot audit teams;
  • Conducted refresher Course on ISSAIs based audits in January 2018
  • Appointed peer coach in each audit functional Divisions/Regional Offices in February 2018;
  • Imparted training on Quality Assurance (QA) review to 16 auditors in May 2018;
  • Trained Internal Auditors from Ministries and Local Governments on ISSAI based audits in May and July 2018, and
  • Trained Five local audit firms on ISSAI based audits in May 2018

The Subject Matter Experts (SME) from IDI played an active role in the capacity development needs of SAI Bhutan and knowledge sharing efforts during the implementation period.

The meeting acknowledged the unwavering and strong support of the IDI, particularly from Mrs. Archana, Deputy Director General and Mr. Karma Tenzin, Manager Capacity Development. Now auditors are more conversant with Standards and comfortable with the ISSAI based audit processes and practices.

While the IDI’s technical and professional support in ISSAIs implementation programme concluded in July 2018, SAI Bhutan is confident that IDI would continue to support in the future in true spirit of INTOSAI motto “mutual experience benefits all”.

The meeting was attended by SAI Management, Team Leaders and Team Members.

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