Audit Awareness and Sensitization programme at Community level

The Royal Audit Authority (RAA) embarked on Audit Awareness Program at the Chiwog level in keeping with the government’s decentralization policy (wangtse chirphel) and efforts to empower local governments by allocating resources and responsibilities to the grassroots levels. The RAA as an oversight body plays critical role through audit and reporting in the use of public resources and is gearing towards embracing the concept of citizen participatory audits. As the local government and community are the ultimate beneficiaries of public resources, it is imperative to make collaborative efforts and instill sense of ownership and accountability in the use of scare public resources.

As such, audit awareness at the community level is aimed at:

  • Creating awareness on existence of RAA as one of the Constitutional Bodies, functions and its responsibilities;
  • Instill a sense of ‘ownership and accountability’ in the utilization of public resources; and
  • Sensitize on the unnecessary complains that seldom bring benefits and add values to the society.

The awareness program kick started with the communities of Dorithasa, Nakha, Bepjee and Sombaykha under Haa Dzongkhag and Thajong, Buli, Tali, Kikhar, Dakphel, Berti, Tagma Chiwogs under Zhemgang Dzongkhag.
The team also met with the employees of Regional Office, Department of Road, Tingtibi and Sarpang.

community_awareness3 community_awareness2 community_awareness1

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