Annual Audit Report (AAR) 2017 presented and deliberated by Joint Sitting of the Parliament

On 21st January 2019, the Public Accounts Committee presented the Royal Audit Authority’s  Annual Audit Report 2017 to the Joint Sitting of the 1st Session of the 3rd Parliament. The House continued the deliberation on 22nd January 2019  on the irregularities and recommendations reported in the AAR 2017 followed by deliberation on  the Review Reports for Annual Audit Reports  from 2010 to 2016.

The RAA had made four recommendations in AAR 2017 as highlighted below:
•    Need of high standards of business ethics;
•    Need for strong accountability culture;
•    Need to strengthen internal controls, and
•    Need to exercise due diligence in procurement

The Joint Sitting of the Parliament while endorsing all four recommendations, also made additionally three recommendations as below:

1.    The Ministry of Finance should implement RAA’s recommendations and report to the PAC by September 2019,
2.    The Ministry of Economic Affairs should follow up in collaboration with RAA on the unresolved irregularities of Hydropower project for the period of AAR 2017 and report to PAC by September 2019 and
3.    Respective agencies, excluding the Hydropower projects, should follow up on the unresolved irregularities of Annual Audit Report 2017 and report the status to PAC by September 2019.

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