Director General of IDI visits RAA

The Director General of INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), Mr. Einar Gorrissen visited the Royal Audit Authority on 6 March 2019 and met with Hon’ble Auditor General, Joint Auditor General, and two Deputy Auditors General.

Thanking IDI for professional guidance and support, the Auditor General requested for support in conducting SAI PMF Assessment of RAA in 2019-2020 by an external reviewer and for the RAA’s ISSAIs implementation Sustainability Plan.

Since the RAA is currently participating in the Strategic Planning Monitoring & Reporting (SPMR) Program initiated by the IDI, the RAA is looking forward for continued professional guidance by IDI in carrying out SAI PMF assessment by internal review team as required by the SPMR Program.

Mr. Einar Gorrissen assured full support to the request. He also suggested long-term cooperation with SAI Finland, SAI Sweden, and SAI Latvia for exchange of expertise and knowledge in financial and performance audit.

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