Visit of Auditor General of Finland to Bhutan

The Hon’ble Auditor General of National Audit Office (NAO) of Finland led a three-member delegation to the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) for a three-day visit. The delegation met with the Hon’ble Auditor General of Bhutan on 6th May 2 to have bilateral discussions on possible areas of cooperation and future collaborations between the two institutions.

As a part of collaborative program in supporting the capacity development of the RAA, the delegates are also providing training on Environmental Auditing in the context of Performance Audit to 30 auditors from Royal Audit Authority from 7-8th May, 2019.  Upon the request of the RAA, the Auditor General also took session and delivered talk on self-awareness and change leadership, which was also attended by senior management of the RAA.

The delegates will depart on 9th May, 2019.

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