Auditor General visits the State Audit Office of the Kingdom of Thailand

The Auditor General Dasho Tshering Kezang accompanied by Deputy Auditor General and one officer visited the State Audit Office of the Kingdom of Thailand on 18th November, 2019. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the collaboration and cooperation between the two SAIs on the mutual interest and to promote the INTOSAI Moto “mutual experience benefits all” based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was signed in 2016. Further, the two SAIs shared experiences and discussed on other areas of common interest in public sector audits.

Welcoming the three member delegates by His Excellency, the President and the Auditor General of SAO of the Kingdom of Thailand highlighted on strengthening the collaboration and cooperation in the capacity development of human resource. The two SAIs also shared experiences on the following areas:

•    Human Resource Management
•    Human Resource Development
•    Performance Management System
•    International Relations and Cooperation

Both SAIs recognized a need to foster each other through collaboration and cooperation in enhancing Human Resource capacity development through exchange visits, academic conferences, auditing methodologies, ISSAIs implementation, joint and parallel audits in the areas of common interests.

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