In support to the directives of the Government to prevent spreading of COVID-19 in the country and maintain social distancing, the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) has adopted the followings measures.

1. Responses to pending audit reports should be submitted through email at
2. Responses to recently concluded audits should be submitted to the respective Team Leaders through email.
3. Any audit recoveries should be directly deposited into the Audit Recoveries Account No. 100890623 maintained with Bank of Bhutan and notify deposit through email at
4. All audit entry and exit meetings will be suspended till further notice unless it is extremely necessary. Accountability Statements of the audits completed should be submitted to respective Audit Team Leaders through email.
5. All visitors are requested to restrict visit to any of the RAA Offices unless it is extremely important.
For any clarification, kindly contact Karma Yoezer, Focal Person for Agency Service Coordination Team of RAA, at 17343021 during office hours.

RAA Management

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