New office building for OAAG Bumthang

The RAA in a simple ceremony conducted the Sa-Lhang Tendrel for the construction of new office building in Dekiling, Bumthang to house the Office of the Assistant Auditor General (OAAG), Bumthang on 27 May 2020. The ceremony was presided over by the Venerable Lam Neten, Bumthang Rabdhey and graced by the Dzongdag of Bumthang. Mr. Ugyen Dorji, Deputy Auditor General, Directorate of Services, RAA, Thimphu carried out the ritual of Sa-lhang from Sai-Lhamo in the presence of very few officials including the Drangpon, Superintendent of Police, Assistant Auditor General (AAG) of OAAG Bumthang.

The need for an office building was conceptualized in early 2017, to align with Government’s decentralization policy and efforts in allocating resources and responsibilities to the grassroots. Auditing, as a cornerstone of good governance, provides assurance over the reliability of the financial statements and bring issues to the attention of governing bodies through objective assessments of whether public resources are managed responsibly and effectively to achieve intended results. Thus, it is important to set up audit offices in strategic location to ensure easy and fast access to auditees as appropriate for carrying out audit activities in economical and efficient manner.

The Department of Engineering Services, MoWHS prepared the drawings and designs for a three-storied office building based on RAA’s requirements. In-house preparatory works for estimation, development of Bills of Quantity, Bidding Documents and procurement were completed in February 2020. The work was awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder M/s Phunrabgyal Construction, Bumthang on 28 May 2020 through e-Government Procurement System. The work is scheduled to complete on 01 November 2022.

Upon completion, the new building will facilitate easy access to auditing services and gain greater outreach to the central region of the country. This is the third regional office to be housed in RAA’s own property besides OAAG Samdrupjongkhar and OAAG Tsirang.

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