Auditor General demits office on completion of his term

The morning sun is at its brightest. Far beneath the blue blanket of the sky flutters the National Flag. On its base lies the lush green lawn where a flock of RAA’s officials await to receive and bid final adieu to the out-going Auditor General, Dasho Ugen Chewang. This time it will be his last hour in the office where he started his career in the civil service as trainee officer in the year 1979 and served till year 2000, and finally for having served as the Auditor General for more than nine and half years from December 2005 to July 2015. He is to attend to the signing of handing –taking charge of the RAA to the RAA Executive Committee, the body which will govern the daily functions of the RAA till the new Auditor General is appointed and assumes the office.

Dasho Ugen Chewang was appointed as interim Auditor General through the Royal Decree issued on 31st December, 2005. His first appointment as the Auditor General during the interim period coincided with the institution of constitutional democracy in the Country. Later in 2010, he was reappointed as the Auditor General under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan by His Majesty the King through a Royal Decree issued on July 22, 2010 based on the list of eminent persons submitted jointly by bi-partisan colloquium comprising of Prime Minister, Speaker of National Assembly, Chairperson of National Council, Chief Justice and Opposition Leader. His term comes to an end today as per the Constitution of Kingdom of Bhutan and Audit Act of Bhutan 2006 wherein the term of Auditor General is defined as five years or attaining the age of 65, whichever is earlier. On re-appointment, as per Article 31.4 of the Constitution, Auditor General being one of six holders of constitutional posts is not eligible for re-appointment.

Coinciding with the completion of his term, the Auditor General’s Report titled as ‘Custodian of Nation’s Watch Dog’ was published. The report entails personal account of Auditor General’s on providing leadership and preparation of Royal Audit Authority towards transition into constitutional democracy. Some of the pertinent existing challenges and opportunities were also covered in the report.

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