10 Auditors leave for Training of Trainers Program on Auditing from Gender Perspectives at Jaipur

Ten Auditors leave for training programme on Auditing from Gender Perspectives to be held from 7th November 2016 to 18th November 2016 at International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development ( iCED), Jaipur, India

The Royal Audit Authority had ventured into embracing gender concepts in audit practices as driven by external environment and scaling up its capacity in such areas portend well in remaining responsive to the changes and developments taking place around. Therefore, the programme on Auditing from Gender Perspective was initiated principally to establish professional competency in gender. The programme is initiated with an objective to discharge effective audit services by embracing the gender components in auditing and reporting process.

The Deputy Auditors General during the pre-departure briefing (PDB) Session held on 03rd November 2016 for the participants highlighted on the objective of the training and expected outcome from the training.

Upon their return, the participants are expected deliver the following outcomes:

  1. Submit Training Report as per the Terms of Reference (ToR)
  2. Develop Training Materials on Gender Auditing
  3. Shall be Facilitator and Train other fellow auditors
  4. Develop Audit Methodologies on gender auditing

The programme is being supported by Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

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