Appointment of Zimpon Wogma

His Majesty The King appointed Yonten Phuntsho, Chief for the Kidu Support Service as a Zimpon Wogma on 10 November 2016.

Yonten Phuntsho joined the Royal Audit Authority as Assistant Audit Officer in 2003 after completing his Post Graduate Certificate in Financial Management from the Royal Institute of Management. While in the RAA, he worked in the General Governance Division and later in the Policy, Planning & Annual Audit Report Division.

He joined the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon in 2010 on deputation as Sr. Research Officer and went on to become Chief for the Kidu Support Service in 2011. The Zimpon Wogmas support the Gyalpoi Zimpon in delivering His Majesty’s various Kidu to the people.

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