SAI Bhutan attends the XXII INCOSAI held in Abu Dhabi

The Auditor General of Bhutan led a five-member delegation to the XXII INCOSAI being held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 5 -11 December 2016. This year’s Congress will discuss crucial developments in the INTOSAI community and reflect on the way forward. The INTOSAI will also present its next strategic plan to the Congress alongside updated statutes of the organization.

Some key highlights of the strategic planning process include:

– Reconfirmation towards standard setting, capacity building and knowledge sharing as cornerstones of INTOSAI’s activities
– Commitment towards playing a major role in supporting the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development as launched by the United Nations in 2015
– Ensuring that INTOSAI supports all its members and protects the independence of SAIs in financial, administrative and operational sense.
– Building up INTOSAI regions towards providing  more professional support to SAIs
– In general improving the relevance, responsiveness and services offered by INTOSAI to its member SAIs

Other key developments, over the past three years, being brought to the attention to the Congress for its consideration and endorsement include:

– Launching updated and enhanced auditing standards in the field of performance and compliance auditing. These are unique standards in public sector auditing.
– Providing a mechanism to assess SAI performance and ensure we “walk the talk” of evaluating ourselves as SAI as we often evaluate the organizations we audit. The SAI Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF) will be launched. This to some extent can answer the persistent question of “who audits the auditor”
– There are a number of other initiatives and products that have been developed including, guidance relating to code of ethics, environmental and sustainable development guidance, peer reviews and numerous other topics.

The Congress is the supreme organ of INTOSAI and is composed of all Members. The Congress meets once every three years and offers all INTOSAI members an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues, and pass resolutions and recommendations to improve government accountability worldwide. Besides delegations of member SAIs,  representatives of the United Nations, the World Bank and other international and professional organizations also participate in the Congress.

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