Mr. Pem Chewang, superannuates from RAA with 38 years of service at his credit

After 38 years of an illustrious service to the nation in general and the RAA in particular, Mr. Pem Chewang, Deputy Chief Audit Officer superannuates from the RAA on the forenoon of 1st January 2017. The family of RAA acknowledged his sincerity and commitment in service towards Tsa-Wa-Sum and expressed deep gratitude for being a very dedicated officer on whom the younger generation can look upon.

Reflecting back on the 38 years of his service to the nation, he said that RAA has come a long way and transformed from a mere Audit Department to a Constitutional Body. He recalled a time when the entire RAA had only one Mahindra Jeep to be used by the Deputy Auditor General, and when the fields auditors travelled by buses through bumpy and narrow roads.

To mark the occasion, the Hon’ble Auditor General awarded the life time service medal and certificate of appreciation for his exemplary service to the RAA and wished him a peaceful and successful retired life.

The three Deputy Auditors General also wished him peaceful retired life and reached him to his residence at Pension Colony to bid farewell to an officer that the RAA will remember for years to come.

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