RAA trains its auditors to go paperless by using G Suite

In line with the government’s initiative to go paperless, the Royal Audit Authority is currently training its auditors on using G-Suite, a set of google applications that is being officially used by all government agencies including the RAA.

The paperless training using G-Suite is being conducted as per the ‘Guideline for Institutionalising Paperless Operations in Government Offices’ adopted by the National Environment Commission which provides general and specific tips and recommendations for deploying paperless initiatives across the offices of the Royal Government of Bhutan. The guideline is based on the Life cycle Assessment carried out in three government agencies and the Department of National Properties’ study on paper consumption in eighteen government offices.

The paperless training has been conducted in batches for auditors and staff of the headquarters and regional offices to ensure no or minimal disturbances to their on-going audits/works. The trainings commenced from 15th March 2017 and will end today.

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