Performance Audit Reports

RMA IT Audit Report (English) (Dzongkha) (New)

Performance Audit on Microfinancing (Dzongkha) (English) (New)

Performance Audit on Road Maintenance Works (Dzongkha) (English) (New)

Performance Audit on Urban Planning and Development in Thimphu (Dzongkha) (English) (New)

Review of Judiciary System and Practices (Dzongkha) (English) (New)

Review Report on Implementation of 11 FYP (Dzongkha) (English) (New)

IT Audit Report on the Efficiency and Effectiveness in Public Service Delivery through G2C Platform

IT Audit Report on Core Banking System in BDBL

PA Report on Food Self-sufficiency and Security

PA Report on Government Vehicles and Foreign Vehicles Quota System

PA Report on Housing Development – Adequacy and Affordability

Performance Audit Report on the Preparedness for Implementation of SDGs October_2018 (Dzongkha) (English)

Performance Audit of BCCI August 2018 (Dzongkha) (English)

PA of Revenue Collection & Management in Thromdes May 2018 (English) (Dzongkha)

Report on Review of In-country Travel (English) (Dzongkha)

IT Audit of Core Banking Solution in BOBL Nov 2017 (English) (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit on Delivery of OPD Services at JDWNRH (English)  (Dzongkha)

PA Report on Provision of Drinking Water in Thimphu Municipality (English)  (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit Report on Provision of Patient Meals 2017  (English) (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit Report on School Feeding Programme 2017 (English) (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit on Employment Generation and Promotion Initiatives 2017 (English) (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit Report on Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited 2017 (English) (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit Report on Business Opportunity Information Centre (BOIC) (English) (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit of Tourism Sector 2016 (English) (Dzongkha)

Performance Audit on Gewog Development Grant 2016

Performance Audit Report on Disaster Management

Report on Performace Audit of Business Income Tax Administration

Special Audit Report on Import and Distribution of LPG and SK 2015

Performance Audit Report on Mining and Quarry

IT Audit Reports on PEMS

Performance Audit Report on PHP-I

Report Public Debt – 2013-14 

Report Hydro Energy – 2012-13 

Report CDG – 2011-12 

Report on Civil Service Trainings – 2010-11 

Report HRM Education – 2010-11 

Report Health Sector – 2009-10 

Report Farm Roads – 2009-10 

Report BBSCL – 2009-10 

Report on DoR – 2008-09 

Report Chukha Dzongkhag – 2008-09