Quality Assurance Review Workshop

A week long Quality Assurance (QA) workshop began today at the RAA’s Conference Hall. The workshop is part of the ISSAI Implementation Initiative – Phase II under the Statement of Commitment signed with the INTOSAI Development (IDI) in April 2016.

With the adoption of ISSAIs as the authoritative standard for the Royal Audit Authority, it is important to carry out QA review to ensure that the requirements of ISSAIs are met by the audits performed on field, and to identify gaps and problems while implementing the ISSAIs. The workshop aims to discuss review reports prepared by the QA review team and clarify doubts and confusion of the team, and to serve as a useful input in integrating QA with the RAA’s functions and instituting the practices in the RAA.

Onsite support by an IDI expert is being provided until 11th August 2017 to the review team currently conducting the Quality Assurance (QA) review of the pilot ISSAI based financial audits of National Land Commission and Dzongkhag Administration, Wangduephodrang. The World Bank is funding the workshop.

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