Training on Quality Assurance Review process for Financial audits

Sixteen audit officers attended training on Quality Assurance (QA) Review process for Financial Audits. The primary objective of the training was to create a pool of QA review team in RAA to sustain the efforts of implementing International Standards of Supreme Audit Institution (ISSAIs) in addition to nine officers trained by INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) on QA review of audit reports.

Quality Assurance review provides reasonable assurance that the quality control systems and practices in place are working effectively and audit reports issued add values and benefit to the lives of citizens (ISSAI 12).

The training conducted from 21 to 25 May 2018 was facilitated by Krishna P. Adhikari, Senior Audit Officer and Namgay Dorji, Assistant Audit Officer who have been trained by the INTOSAI IDI and have experiences on such review exercise. The Certificate of Participation was awarded by the Deputy Auditor General, the Project Director for ISSAI Implementation project of the RAA.

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