Auditor General visits State Audit Office (SAO), Latvia

On the invitation of Auditor General of State Audit Office (SAO), Latvia, the Auditor General Dasho Tshering Kezang accompanied by two senior officers visited SAO, Latvia on 30 September 2019. The main purpose of the visit was to share experience and discuss on areas of common interest in public sector audits based on INTOSAI motto of “mutual experience benefits all”.

Welcoming the three member delegations, the Supreme Audit Institution, (SAI), Latvia which is also an active member of INTOSAI Community presented and covered the following topics of mutual interests:

•    New Strategic initiatives and developments of SAI, Latvia
•    Calculation of impact of audit recommendations
•    SAI Latvia’s cooperation with the Parliament and reporting system
•    Monitoring system of implementation of audit recommendations
•    Compliance issues in financial audits

The delegation team from SAI Bhutan also shared ISSAIs implementation experiences with SAI Latvia.

Both SAIs recognized the urgent need to enhance professionalism and adapt to the fast changing world and to remain relevant and add values to the lives of citizens.

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