Professional Development Centre, Tsirang hosts Induction Program for the New Recruits of Royal Audit Authority

The Royal Audit Authority (RAA) has launched and inaugurated the 60-day Induction Program for New Recruits (IPNR) who joined the RAA family in January 2021. Due to the month long lockdown, the inauguration ceremony could be held only on 11 February 2021 that was graced by the Hon’ble Auditor General. The Program Director and Training Coordinator from the Professional Development Centre (PDC), Tsirang joined the event virtually.

During the period, the new recruits will be oriented on the mandates, roles and responsibilities of the RAA, the purpose of RAA’s existence in our country’s governance structure, promotion of Good Governance and the value-and-benefits to the society and nation at large, through audit services. It will also cover and focus on core auditing and reporting functions as well as relevant topics and subjects in the three disciplines of Financial, Performance and Compliance audits towards building the capacity of young officers.  

The IPNR 2021 is segregated into two broad categories, namely ‘Core Competencies’ and ‘Functional Competencies’. The sessions under Core Competencies will focus on soft skill sets such as leadership skill, team building, effective communication, etc. The sessions under Functional Competencies will focus on the three audit disciplines of Financial, Performance and Compliance audits.

With the fast changing global environment and digitalization affecting all sphere of activity, it requires the RAA as an oversight body to prepare for emerging challenges and aptly respond to changes.

There are fourteen Assistant Audit Officers (AAO) and one Assistant ICT Officer undergoing the programme that began on 15 February 2021.

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