RAA participates in Leadership Forums & Educational Workshops

The RAA participated in the recently concluded ‘Leadership Forum’ & ‘Educational Workshops’ which were conducted as part of Phase II of the joint Asian Development Bank and the INTOSAI Development Initiative on “Sustainable Performance Audit Practices in Asia and the Pacific” in Manila from 03 to 14 June 2024.

The Auditor General led a 3-member delegation to the 2-day Leadership Forum on ‘Raising the Profile of Performance Audits’ for Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) Leaders and Key Stakeholders on 3-4 June 2024. The Leadership Forum’s objective was to share reflections, experiences, and innovative ideas for tackling issues such as raising the profile for performance audits, developing competencies of performance auditors, systems for ensuring sustainability and quality of performance auditing, and planning for the impact of performance audits.

Prior to this event, the Auditor General attended the World Bank’s Public Administration Global Forum – ‘Transforming Governments for a Livable Planet’ as a panelist and spoke on ‘Strengthening Public Accountability and Integrity in Public Administrations’ in Washington D.C., USA from 28 to 29 May 2024.

Subsequently, three Performance Auditors of the RAA participated in two Educational Workshops i.e. ‘Professional Education for Performance Auditors’ from 05-07 June 2024 and ‘Strategic and Annual Audit Planning’ from 10 to 14 June 2024. The workshops aimed to:

  1. Provide comprehensive learning for the team leaders from six SAIs on developing competency frameworks for performance auditing and on executing strategic and annual (performance) audit planning with a focus on impact.
  2. Enhance the ability of resource persons to oversee the updating of relevant systems and refining the relevant processes within their respective SAIs.

Two of the participants, Sonam Delma, AAG & Samdrup Delma, DCA are part of the global team of 20 resource persons for this initiative for enhancing sustainable Performance Audits in Asia and the Pacific.

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