RAA Promotes 12 Officials with effect from 01 July 2024

The Royal Audit Authority promoted 12 officials to the next higher rank with effect from 01 July 2024. The Auditor General awarded the Promotion Orders along with Trashi Khadhar to recipients. The officials promoted are as detailed below:

Meritorious Promotion:

SL.NoNamePosition TitlePLDivision
1ChhedaSr. Auditor ISS2/ASCD

Broad-banded Promotions:

SL.NoNamePosition TitlePLDivision
1Dawa  TsheringDy. Chief AuditorP2/ACOAD
2Jambay  DorjiDy. Chief Research OfficerP2/APD&RC
3Sangay  PemoSr. ICT Technical Associate ISS2/AICTS,SSIRD
4Pema  TsheringSr. Auditor ISS2/AECD
5Tashi  PhuntshoSr. Auditor ISS2/ASoCD
6Tshewang  TandiSr. Auditor ISS2/ASCD
7Ugyen  WangmoSr. Admin. Asst. IISS3/AOAAG-PL
8ChogyalSr. Auditor IISS3/AOAAG-TR
9Phuntsho  DorjiSr. Auditor IISS3/AGCD
10Karma  ThinleySr. Auditor IISS3/AOAA-PL
11Neten  DorjiSr. Admin. Asst. IIISS4/AAFS,SSIRD

The RAA family extends heartiest congratulations on the well-deserved promotions.

Trashi Delek la!

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