Rinchen Dorji resigns from the Civil Service

Rinchen Dorji, Basic Operator I (O1/A), Information & Communication Technology Division under the Directorate of Services resigned voluntarily from the Civil Service after rendering 30 years and 3 months of dedicated service to the Royal Audit Authority. He joined Royal Audit Authority in April 1991 and continued serving until 20 August 2021 as detailed below:
• Name : Rinchen Dorji
• Position Title : O1 A
• Division/Department/Agency : Information & Communication Technology Division
• Total Active Service : 01.04.1991 to 20.08.2021
(30 years 3 months)
The Royal Audit Authority would like to convey our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to him for rendering 30 years and 3 months of Service with utmost dedication and sincerity to Tsa-Wa-Sum.

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