Auditor General Meets with Post Graduate Trainees at RIM, Semtokha

As a part of advocacy program, the Auditor General met with graduates pursuing the Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Financial Management at the Royal Institute of Management, Semtokha on 23rd November 2021. Dasho highlighted on the mandates, duties, roles and responsibilities of the RAA as an oversight body in nation building and ensuring public accountability through auditing and reporting in the use of public resources.

The Auditor General shared the concept of the ‘Fraud Triangle’ and its three main component – Opportunity, Pressure and Rationalization and cited examples where public officials have committed fraudulent practices for personal enrichment.

The graduates will be soon joining the civil service. They were reminded on the importance of strong leadership quality, as leadership of the SELF is the critical factor for both individual and organizational success. As they are on the threshold of assuming key responsibilities, the Auditor General urged the graduates to uphold integrity and honesty towards promotion of higher public sector performance and accountability.

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