RAA Bids Farewell to Five Employees

The Royal Audit Authority bid farewell to four employees on their separation from the RAA during January 2023. Hon. Auditor General and Deputy Auditors General presented tokens of appreciation to the employees and thanked them for their dedicated service to the Tsa-Wa-sum and RAA in particular.

Two employees superannuated from service:

1. Sherab Dema, Deputy Chief Auditor, OAAG Samdrup Jongkhar had served 37 years 6 months;

2. Damcho Wangdi, Messenger, OAAG Samdrup Jongkhar had served 38 years 6 months;

Three employees are separating are as follows :

1. Tshering Dhendup, Audit Officer, COAD on VRS;

2. Tshewang Dorji, Driver, AFS on VRS;

3. Sonam Lhamo, Messenger, OAAG Bumthang.

The RAA family wishes the superannuating officials happy retired life and successes to others venturing onto new endeavors.

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