In-house DeSuups honoured as DeSuung receives the Druk Thuksey Medal

In appreciation of the DeSuung receiving the institutional Druk Thuksey Medal from His Majesty the King during the 113th National Day, the RAA honoured and congratulated the in-house DeSuups with Trashi Khadhar and simple lunch during the Mid-Term Review Meeting on 02 February 2021.

The Hon. Auditor General thanked the in-house DeSuups for their hard work and dedication as representatives of the DeSuung and reiterated on the need to continue demonstrating the qualities for which they have been recognized and the importance of their extraordinary contributions to the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The are 57 DeSuups from the RAA including 41 males and 16 females, actively participating and rendering volunteer services amongst the innumerable DeSuups serving as frontliners during the pandemic.

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