7th Bilateral Meeting of ACC and RAA

The Royal Audit Authority and the Anti-Corruption Commission under the two new leadership organised the 7th Bilateral Meeting on 23 March 2021 at the ACC Conference Hall. Such meeting was first initiated in 2016 with the objective of sharing information and making collaborative efforts towards realizing a corruption free society.

Amongst many others, the meeting discussed issues such as civil servants at Executives level obtaining Audit Clearance Certificates only after the declaration of the results and appointment to key posts; public officials and contractors reported as missing after embezzlement of government funds; non-enforcement of court verdict leading to unresolved audit issues; and arbitration cases being settled mostly in favor of contractors leading to drain of huge sums of public money from government exchequer.

The deliberations were also made on other businesses such as revising the MoU between the two oversight institutions, development of online platform to share information on real time basis, revision of members to working committee and for bilateral meeting for good wider participation.

The status of ACC and RAA referrals since 2016 to 2021 was also presented during the meeting.

Concluding the first ever meeting under the new leadership of both the institutions, the meeting was acknowledged as very fruitful and reassuring to render two institutions relevant in a fast changing environment.

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