རྒྱལ་གཞུང་རྩིས་ཞིབ་དབང་འཛིན་གྱིས་ལོ་བསྟར་རྩིས་ཞིབ་སྙན་ཞུ་ཕྱིར་སྤྲོད་འབད་ནི་གི་དོན་ལུ་ གནས་ཚུལ་གསར་བཏོན་འབད་ཡོདཔ།

A press conference was held on 16th December 2021 pertaining to release of following Reports:

      1. Annual Audit Report (AAR) 2020-2021;
      2. Performance Audit Report on Operations of Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL); and
      3. Auditor General’s (AG’s) Advisory Series on Review of Government Procurement System.

A total of eight representatives from various media houses attended the press conference.

In accordance with Article 25(5) of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan and Chapter 6, Section 114 of the Audit Act of Bhutan 2018, the reports were submitted to the Druk Gyalpo, the Lyonchen and the Parliament and tabled in the Joint Sitting of the Sixth Session of Third Parliament on 15th December 2021.

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