གླིང་གཞི་དྲུང་ཁག་གི་ས་གནས་གཞུང་གི་ལས་བྱེདཔ་དང་ཞི་གཡོགཔ་ཚུ་ལུ་ རྩིས་ཞིབ་དང་འབྲེལ་བའི་སྐུལ་ཁྱབ་བརྡ་སྤྲད་འབད་ཡོདཔ།

The RAA carried out audit advocacy programme for Local Government Officials and Civil Servants under Lingzhi Drungkhag from 23 April 2022 to 02 May 2022. The objectives of the programme was to promote and create awareness on:

      • Public accountability and accountability fixation procedures;
      • RAA’s mandate and jurisdictions;
      • Audit services and citizen’s responsibilities in public financial management; and
      • Internal control framework to minimize acts of errors, fraud and corruptions.

The Auditor General and team also visited Soe, Lingzhi and Naro Gewogs under Lingzhi Drungkhag and met with the students of Soe Primary School, Lingzhi Lower Secondary School,  after the advocacy programmes. The Auditor General urged the students to study hard and serve the country.

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