རྒྱལ་གཞུང་རྩིས་ཞིབ་དབང་འཛིན་གྱིས་རྒྱལ་སྤྱིའི་མངོན་མཐོའི་རྩིས་ཞིབ་གཙུག་སྡེ་ཚུའི་(INTOSIA) གནས་སྡུད་ཆེན་མོའི་ལས་བྱེད་སྡེ་ཚན་ (WGBD) གྱི་ལོ་བསྟར་ཞལ་འཛོམས་༢༠༢༢ ཅན་མའི་ནང་གྲལ་གཏོགས་འབད་ཡོདཔ།

A 6-member delegation from the RAA virtually attended the 6th INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data (WGBD) Annual Meeting on 25th July 2022. The theme of the virtual meeting was “Working Mechanism of Big Data Auditing” and hosted by the China National Audit Office (CNAO). The working group meeting provides a good platform for member Supreme Audit Institutions to share experiences and knowledge on the topic.

Presentations on Mobile positioning data in Performance Auditing; New developments in Data Analysis; Using Big Data on a State Budget analysis to improve real-time decision-making; Leveraging Data & Technology for Audit; Building Data Analysis Processes experience; Working Mechanism of Using Big Data in Government Auditing were made during the meeting.

The RAA is a member of the INTOSAI WGBD since December 2016.

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