RAA hosts first D&D Workshop for joint IDI-ADB initiative for Performance Audit

The RAA is currently hosting the first Design & Development (D&D) Workshop for Phase II of the joint initiative of the Intosai Development Initiative and the Asian Development Bank on “Sustainable Performance Audit Practices in Asia and the Pacific” in Thimphu from 22 April to 03 May2024.

A global team of 20 resource persons from the participating Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines the IDI and other INTOSAI bodies are deliberating and developing content for key areas to lay a strong foundation for activities and inputs throughout the upcoming year for the initiative. It is aimed at raising the profile of performance auditing and paving the way for sustainable performance audit practices in the region. To learn more about this groundbreaking effort, visit the IDI website here: https://ecs.page.link/CUoJj

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