RAA Promotes 19 Officials in January 2024

The Royal Audit Authority promoted 19 officials to the next higher rank with effect from 01 January 2024. The Auditor General awarded the Promotion Orders along with Trashi Khadhar in a modest promotion ceremony on 11 January 2024 at the RAA Conference Hall for those in the Head Office. The AAGs in the regions awarded the Promotion orders to promotees in the OAAGs.

  1. Meritorious Promotions
Sl. No.NamePosition TitlePLDivision
1Pema ChodenDy. Chief AuditorP2/AECD
2Duptho WangdiSr. Audit OfficerP3/AOAAG BT
3Tashi PhuntshoSr. Auditor IISS3/AOAAG TR
  • Broadbanded Promotions
SL.NoNamePosition TitlePLDivision
1Samdrup  DemaDy. Chief AuditorP2/APAD
2Sonam  DorjiDy. Chief AuditorP2/AFLSD
3Sherab  GyeltshenSr. Audit OfficerP3/APAD/HMS
4Phurpa  DorjiSr. Audit OfficerP3/ASoCD
5Tenzin  WangchukSr. Audit OfficerP3/ACOAD
6Ngawang  DorjiSr. Audit OfficerP3/ASCD
7LhakpaAudit OfficerP4/ASoCD
8Nima  DemaAudit OfficerP4/ACOAD
9Yeshi Dorji YSr. AuditorSS1/AFLSD
10Tashi  ThinleySr. Auditor IISS3/ASCD
11Kiran  RaiSr. Admin. Asst. IIISS4/AFLSD
12Pema  DekiAuditor IS1/ACOAD
13Tashi  WangmoAuditor IS1/ASoCD
14Rinzin  NorbuAuditor IS1/AOAAG SJ
15Kinley  WangmoSr. Admin. Asst. IVS1/AAGS
16Choten  ZangpoDriverO1/AOAAG BT

The RAA family extends heartiest congratulations to all on their well-deserved promotions. Trashi Delek la!

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